How to Create Effective TikTok Creative for Your Business

One of the most excellent aspects of TikTok is the opportunity to continually improve your company’s profile as you become more at ease using the app and draw on your network to inspire your creativity.

TikTok offers companies of all sizes a creative playground where entertaining and educational content may potentially reach millions of prospective clients. To give your next brilliant innovative concept the edge it requires before putting sponsored support behind it, we believe it’s helpful to have a few tips and tricks under your sleeve in today’s results-driven environment.

Since creativity is sometimes disregarded as a crucial element of performance marketing, many advertisements must achieve their maximum R.O.I. We analyzed the data to determine the top-performing innovative features, such as video length and closed captioning, to offer the following general and category-specific best practices and assist you in reaching your business objectives with ground-breaking creative on TikTok.

These observations are based on a machine-learning model that ranks performance based on the likelihood that each characteristic would increase the number of viewers who see a video.

Need to know more? You can now keep up with the most recent data-driven best practices by visiting the newly created Creative Insights area of our Creative Center.


TikTok ad revenues are set to hit close to $12 billion in 2022. There are 50,000 influencers on TikTok. TikTok influencers with under 15,000 have an average engagement rate of 17.96 percent. Forty-five percent of brands used TikTok in their influencer marketing campaigns in 2021.


Universally recognized ideas


Take high-resolution pictures.

Don’t allow blurry videos to stop your message from getting through because quality counts. 83.2% of the top-performing TikToks have a video quality of 720p or greater, which is the vast majority. Impressions increase by 5.4% on average for these videos.

Put some noise on!

It’s not just best practice but a need for this sound-on environment to include sound in your TikToks, whether it be a music track, voice-over, or simply you talking to the camera. More than 93% of top-performing videos include audio, significantly increasing impressions compared to those without audio.

Don’t be too brief, but keep it friendly!

In the end, the duration of your TikToks should be appropriate for the message you’re attempting to deliver, although generally speaking, shorter movies seem to do better. One in four of the best-performing films is between 21 and 34 seconds long and receives an average increase in impressions of 1.6%.

Full-screen mode

More than 98% of the top-performing videos on TikTok employ the platform’s immersive full-screen experience. Those that use the total 9:16 aspect ratio have a 60.5% increase in impressions compared to videos that fit the screen poorly, display white space and screen borders, and have empty black space. Check out our creative tools to learn how to prepare your current business content for TikTok if you want to reuse part of it.

Consider the vertical

Additionally, video orientation affects. Compared to films filmed in square or horizontal aspect ratios, vertical format videos receive a 40.1% increase in impressions. Since most TikTok videos are vertical in direction, users shouldn’t anticipate having to rotate their screens to see the following video on their For You Page.




Change up your settings.

On TikTok, product placement is essential. Users value different settings and viewpoints when brands attempt to highlight their items, which accounts for 99% of top-performing e-commerce videos that switch things up. They compared films with one person on screen selling the goods without any B-roll or transition material. TikTok, with other scenes, finds a 40.6% rise in impressions.

Use captions to captivate.

Including captions or writing on the screen may reinforce the action you want your audience to do. TikTok had a 55.7% increase in impressions compared to videos without extra on-screen content when using closed captioning or text on the internet that displays a C.T.A.

Stress the offer

When you have an offer ready to share with your TikTok viewers, such as a seasonal bargain or discount code, TikTok’s video of a person stressing at least one offer increased impressions by 67.4%! Make sure it doesn’t get lost in the backdrop.




Give your C.T.A. in full.

Gamers are goal-oriented individuals who are prepared to complete the next level, face the next boss, and defeat the next squad. Ensure your TikToks have a clear C.T.A. on screen via text or copy to capitalize on this inspiration. With an on-screen C.T.A., gaming videos exhibit an 11.3% increase in impressions.

Join the contest

In TikTok, showing is always preferred to telling. Show features and gameplay to the gaming community to get their attention and make them realize how much fun they’re missing. More than half (52.5%) of the top-performing gaming videos did, which increased impressions by 12.6%.

Finish strong

You’ve successfully maintained your audience’s interest with exciting gaming, engaging on-screen text, and copy. Videos with an end card summarizing important information (such as download information or advice) received a 47.3% increase in impressions! Now it’s time to tie it up with everything else they need to know.

What steps do I take?

It’s time to implement the best practices now that you have them all. You may change the length of your movies, add music, intriguing text, and more with the help of these free tools! Use our various original solutions to enforce any of the recommended techniques above.



TikTok had a 55.7% increase in impressions compared to videos without any extra on-screen content when using closed captioning or text....

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