Brands are Driving Higher Reach and Engagement by Posting Instagram Reels

Reels on Instagram generate over 40% more engagement for brands than other Instagram content formats.

Reels are surpassing all other content on Instagram, according to Emplifi’s analytics, despite user and celebrity influencer criticism of the platform’s decision to showcase more of the TikTok-inspired video format.

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The top customer experience platform, Emplifi, has just published its most recent performance data for Instagram Reels, which measure the influence and expansion of the TikTok-like video format. According to a detailed examination of data from hundreds of international companies, reels have emerged as the most engaging post type on Instagram.

“Even when we stop charging anything, if you look at what people enjoy, consume, and see on Instagram, that’s also going more and more toward video over time.”

Instagram is assisting marketers in extending their reach and increasing engagement by leveraging its algorithm to distribute videos to a broader audience. According to Amplify Chief Marketing Officer Zarnaz Arlia, “Content tastes are evolving, which has resulted in a boom in video content consumption across social media platforms.” “Instagram is on schedule to prioritize Reels content in response to this move.

The most well-known celebrity influencers on the website objected to Instagram’s new upgrade, adding more Reels to the timeline. Kim Kardashian tweeted a graphic with the message “Make Instagram Instagram again” on her Instagram account after becoming impatient with the absence of visual material.


1.5% may not seem like much, but most social media marketing professionals think a healthy engagement percentage is between 1-5%. The more followers you have, the more challenging it will be to maintain a respectable interaction rate. For perspective, the social media team at Hootsuite claimed that in 2020, the average Instagram engagement rate was 4.59%.


Nevertheless, Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, acknowledged that more video material is being shared, saying, “If you look at what people enjoy, consume, and see on Instagram, it’s also migrating more and more to video over time, even when we cease charging anything.”

Emplifi’s results support Mosseri’s answer to Instagram’s criticism. Instagram Reels have outperformed all other post categories since the beginning of 2022, garnering more engagements than photographs, ordinary videos, and carousel posts, according to Emplifi, even while total concentration on Instagram has decreased over the previous year.

According to Instagram, reels are the most popular content on the app, with users interacting with it more than any other, which reports that Reels account for 20% of app use.


The most prominent businesses in the world are taking advantage of this and investing even more in the video format.

Considering Emplifi’s observations:

  • A significant increase from Q2 2021, when just 30% of businesses posted Reels content on social media. Nearly 50% of brands on Instagram published at least one Reel in Q2 2022.
  • Reels have a median engagement rate of roughly 40% greater than regular Instagram video posts for videos.
  • Reels are particularly well-liked by sports businesses, with more than 60% already posting them to increase follower engagement.
  • Pleasing, Netflix, Tesla, Netflix Brazil, and Lamborghini are the top five companies with the highest Reels involvement.
  • Reels are becoming increasingly popular among companies, but they still make up a small portion of total branded content—roughly 7.5% of brand posts—on social media (excluding Stories). Even though static positions get a minor interaction level, most companies continue to use them.

“The bottom line: Short video content is here to stay,” said Arlia. “Brands have no option except to invest in Reels to optimize reach and engagement.”

How vital are Instagram Brand-specific reels?

Social media websites are crucial to the digital world. Businesses must adapt to the constantly evolving features of social media platforms so they can make use of them to differentiate themselves from rivals. Also changing with the digital age is brand planning.

Instagram is a corporation making the most of its position in the internet stratosphere; its post and story features are standard for many businesses. Short-form videos may now be seen in NewsWhip Spike thanks to Instagram’s Reels introduction, which made it simple to produce and find. These little movies may help companies advance and generate a tonne of interaction with their accounts.

Features like this may increase brand recognition unlike anything else. Therefore, businesses must seize the opportunity before their competitors gain an advantage.

Let’s look at how your business may use these Reels to be one step ahead of the competition constantly.

Display your prowess

Words are only so powerful. When it comes down to it, why talk when you can show? Companies often oversaturate their sites with wordy entries about their values, views, and personalities. Authentic brand voice creation in a video is the best way to engage your audience, as social media has become all about connection.

Everyone knows that your company provides x, y, and z, but who are the people behind the goods, and why should the general public believe them? Reels are a fantastic method to display the human side of a business. A significant benefit is the availability of films that showcase the personnel and procedures that give life to your brand. Making emotional connections is challenging, but brands that put themselves on par with their customers will succeed in spades.

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Updating enduring content

Contrary to what many think, marketing plans don’t need to be complicated. The most effective strategy to drive more visitors to a particular brand is sometimes to update and reshare evergreen content.

Creating a short, to-the-point film that shows the areas in which your company is already an authority can boost consumer confidence and keep your brand current. Repurpose previous blogs, tutorials, or research studies for Reels rather than creating a laborious social strategy. These Reels not only provide links to prior articles but also have the ability to expose the subject to a large number of new viewers.

Reach out to new people

A hot Reel might attract many fresh prospects that aren’t easily accessible on other social media sites. Brands now have the chance to connect with previously remote audiences through reels. Not only is the Instagram algorithm now favoring reels, but they also have their area on the app. Users may surf through a stream of trending Reels, similar to Tik Tok.

Reels’ high impact enables businesses to provide content for a broad audience. Organizations no longer need to conform to a specific mold; instead, they may experiment and enhance their brand image to appeal to a wider audience.

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Reels, most importantly, give you an in-depth chance to instruct your target audience. Produce carefully chosen films that demonstrate how to utilize your product or provide additional details about your company that may not be well recognized. Spins can help you prepare for inquiries and concerns in advance.

You now have control over how your brand is perceived. You may establish yourself as an industry thought leader by educating your audience with short videos that distinguish your business or product. Reel-formatted FAQs, explanations of frequent misunderstandings, or general assistance shared with customers can demonstrate your business’s reliability and desire to assist. Since the general public will know they can rely on you for readily available material, you’ll instantly build a following.

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In the end, social media will remain the most widely used platform for companies to spread their message. Reels provide businesses with a quick and entertaining method to advertise, educate, and communicate their corporate identity directly to viewers.


Brands are Driving Higher Reach and Engagement by Posting Instagram Reels

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