WhatsApp Launches Communities to Maximize Topic-Based Discovery and Engagement

According to the WhatsApp Blog, WhatsApp announced its planned group chat upgrade in April. Today, WhatsApp unveiled its new “Communities” update, adding new features to your group conversations.

As you can see from this overview, the new Communities approach allows users to combine related group conversations under a single banner. They are making it easier to stay in contact with a broader context around a subject.

To manage group talks on WhatsApp,

“Communities like neighborhoods, parents at a school, and employers may bring numerous groups together under one roof.”


The enhanced chat options include more considerable file sharing, emoji replies, group voice calls, and other capabilities.
It combines many pertinent discussion groups under a single thematic header. It’s a fantastic enhancement that might provide opportunities to engage with more people over shared interests.

Naturally, it might also aid criminal and antisocial groups in improved network development and organization under the guise of encryption.
However, from a local community or topic-based approach. It may offer substantial benefits in maximizing possibilities and expanding people’s networks.

Communities introduce several new features to the messaging platform. Communities, a new WhatsApp feature that offers more significant, more organized conversation groups originally put through testing earlier this year, is now officially available. They are intended to help organizations and other private groups stay organized and improve communication.

New Features

These features include admin controls, support for sub-groups and announcement groups, 32-person voice and video calls, larger-file sharing, emoji reactions, and polls. Communities provide end-to-end encryption and may accommodate groups of up to 1,024 people.

Emoji responses, large-file sharing (up to 2GB), and the option for administrators to remove messages are just a few of the features created for Communities. They have already found their way to the WhatsApp platform before today’s debut. According to the business, WhatsApp will enable polls, 32-person video calls, and bigger group sizes more widely outside of Communities.

Because both the new feature and Facebook Groups include sub-groups, file sharing, admin capabilities, and more, they may be compared at first. WhatsApp Communities, however, are designed to be used by people who may already be linked in the real world. Unlike Facebook Groups, dispersed strangers often operate with a shared interest. Because WhatsApp is phone number-based, as opposed to Facebook, members of these discussion groups already know one another because they may swap phone numbers. At the very least, provide their numbers to the group admin. The phone numbers will only be accessible to administrators and members of the same sub-groups as you; they will remain concealed from the Community.

This aims to strike a compromise between users’ demands for privacy and the need to enable communication among group members. For instance, even if you don’t know every parent on your child’s sports team personally. You’re probably at ease talking to them in a small group setting that might be a part of the larger school community.

Whatsapp Communities

Upon launch, administrators of current group chats will have the option of switching their group to Communities if they want, or they may start again. Additionally, administrators can invite users to join the Community by sending invitation links or adding them to groups.
Communities are set up with a significant announcement group that informs all members of the most crucial messages. However, only the admin-approved small sub-groups of users are allowed to talk. By doing this, members may refrain from receiving excessive communications about group activities and events they are not involved in. Participants may set up a subgroup for a planning group or volunteer project where only a select few would need to communicate.

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Communities’ release could pressure other apps that have become popular for private and massive groups, like Telegram and Signal. Established messaging services like iMessage and apps made specifically for businesses or educational institutions like GroupMe, Remind, and others.
The current choices “demand users to trust applications or software firms with a copy of their communications. We believe they deserve the greater security afforded by end-to-end encryption.”

To get early input, communities have been tested with more than 50 organizations across 15 nations. WhatsApp acknowledged in August that the functionality had been made available to a select group of testers, but it still needs a launch date.


There are still worries that communities like this might support illegal or dangerous organizations. Similar to how Facebook Groups have recently enabled the spread of false information about health and elections, feeding the flames that. For example, it led to the January 6 Capitol Riot. WhatsApp claims it will depend on the Community’s “name, description, and user reports” to assess if action is necessary. As a result, the company’s methods to prevent such activities appear restricted.

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It states that, depending on the circumstance, if it determines that a group is being used to disseminate materials, including child sexual abuse, plan violent acts. And participate in human tracking; it will either dismantle the Community or ban all of its members. To lessen the spread of false information, the company did note that messages that have already been forwarded will only be able to be sent to one group at a time, as opposed to the current limit of five.

Naturally, the firm is still striving to repair its privacy image after the outcry over its convoluted policy change from a year ago, which attracted the attention of certain anti-competition agencies and regulatory organizations, including those in the EU and India. Later, WhatsApp clarified its rules further and highlighted that the introduction of Communities would not need a new policy update.

Over the coming several months, the capability will roll out to Android and iOS, starting with the more extensive WhatsApp user base today.

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WhatsApp Launches Communities to Maximize Topic-Based Discovery and Engagement

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