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In an early month of this year, people clamored for an invite to the clubhouse app to hear the musings of who’s who of venture capitalists, tech leaders, and celebrities. Now the app is available for everyone to join.

The company said that it has removed its waitlist system so that everyone can join the platform. The Clubhouse is an app where users join the virtual room to have live, unscripted discussions. The company said from Wednesday it will no longer be invite-only or operate a waitlist to join this application. All the users whether they are IOS users or Android users can now sign up. The platform was launched in March 2020 as the pandemic hit and many were stuck at home. Clubhouse applications became swiftly caught the attention of large social networks. By January 2021 the app was reportedly valued at $1 Billion. The company said it has added 10 million people to the community since its launch on Android in mid-May and has seen 90 million DM’s sent since it launched Backchannel last week.
Clubhouse App

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Users of the clubhouse application can send and receive questions from the audience and speakers can take questions from people via text and they can decide who to call up from the audience. Listeners can ask questions or submit them if they can’t come up to the stage. Clubhouse founders Paul Davison and Rohan Seth wrote in a blog announcement. They note that adding users in waves integrating new users into the app’s community through town halls and oriented sessions helped Clubhouse grow at a healthy rate without breaking but we have always wanted Clubhouse to be open. You can create social, closed, and private audio chats in the clubhouse app. If you are a regular and an active user you can create and manage clubs. The idea of audio was so unique that the app created an entirely different space out of it. The application fantastic rise came as a surprise to the team after making it available for everyone. The team also shared that after making it available for everyone the number of daily rooms has now grown fifty thousand to half a million since the beta version was launched for android. Now 10 million users have joined Clubhouse and 90 million messages have been sent since the direct messaging feature.


Clubhouse App

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