iO14.7 – Features and Updates

Apple just launched its next-generation iPhone with an updated operating system iO14.7, which includes a new home screen and other options which you need to take a look into!

If we compare iO14.7’s update to that of iO14.5, it is relatively small. The main updates that iO14.5 had were unlocking your phone with a mask on, inhibiting advertisements through apps, and a range of four Siri voice options to choose from. iO14.7 comes with brand new features, one of which is that it is supported by Magsafe battery pack support. iO14.7 is now available to people as an open beta so it is not restricted to some group of individuals.

iO14.7 Features and Updates

All the same, devices that worked for iO14, are also compatible with iO14.7; mainly including series from iO6 u to iO12. Now let us take a look at the exclusive operating system and features that the final beta version of iO14.7 is providing to our service.

The Magsafe Battery support system

This feature is exclusively available for any version of iO12. These batteries are made to magnetically attach with iPhone 12 and give the best charging speed to your phone. It usually costs $99.

Weather app expanded to more regions

The weather app that could measure air quality was released by iO14 but the drawback was that it only worked in a few countries. The good news is, with the new iO14.7 update, it has been expanded to more countries. Check out if yours is on the list.

Apple Card family

You can combine credit card limits and also share your account which is co-owned with a previous user if you use your Apple card. This new iOs feature is a win-win for sure.

Setting timer feature on the Homescreen

Previously you had to ask Siri to put timers on your Homescreen but now you can do it yourself by using Homescreen. users will be able to find this option under the HomePod alarms.

Fixing your battery drain bug

One of the major issues iOs users face and frequently complain about is the draining battery. Considering this, the battery service message which previously vanished has been restored by Apple according to release notes.

All you need to do to get the iO14.7 update is to go into your phone’s settings, avail update software option, and boom! You are all set.




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