Wondering What’s New on Facebook? Here are the Recent Facebook Updates You Need To Know

From pay check-outs for business to new AR features, Facebook brings us some exciting features launched just this month.

Being one of the most popular social media marketing platforms, Facebook has many moving parts that marketers must keep up with if they want to use all its features. We also cover all new Instagram updates. Because keeping up with these new social media networks is more complex than ever.

Pay Checkout Option for Desktop and Mobile Purchases

The money exchange on Facebook happened a while ago, but they were limited as they are on-site only. The good news is that FB has now agreed to extend its pay to off-site platforms. Users will have an immediate check-out option which will serve positively on both mobile and desktop made by the users. It has been heard that Shopify users will access this option first, later being available to other platforms.

AR Options and Expansions

News is that recently, Facebook has been testing and experimenting with new AR options. We all know that Augmented Reality Technology is super-hit these days. AR options will be available for the users in purchases, such as virtually trying on accessories to see how it looks on them. This step will be bridging FB and its business marketing partners together as users will be attracted more towards online shopping. Currently, Laura Mercier, Lakme, and NYX Professional Makeup are giving users an AR lipstick testing option. Starting from the beauty industry, AR technology expects to uses in other niches by Facebook.

Ad Policies for Drug Prescriptions

Facebook has made its regulations tighter by introducing new policies for medical businesses that advertise on Facebook. They cannot sell prescription drugs or illicit drugs on FB by advertising. Moreover, a written certification requires to advertise on Facebook from Legiscript for online pharmacies and telehealth companies. Online pharmacies are prohibit from targeting people under the age of eighteen.

$1 Billion Investing in Creators

By the end of 2022, Facebook and Instagram announced to have invested up to 1 billion in content creators. And influencers of the US, as per Adam Mosseri’s tweet. It will be an excellent step for creators as they will be able to earn more revenue through Bonus programs for hitting certain milestones, such as IGTV Ads. Instagram reels and instream Ads for Instagram and star rating for FB.

Business Marketers and Content Creators must take a look at what’s cooking up by Facebook to benefit themselves in terms of producing revenue or applying new market strategies. 


Facebook has led to anti-extremist practice through which extremist content is prohibited on the social platform

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