Trending Marketing News of This 2022

Marketers are continuously challenged to develop new ideas and get the most bang for their budget. When making goals this year, as digital enthusiasts and marketers, it’s essential to think about where we want to reach next year and what we choose to discard from 2021.

So, what is the marketing news this week? Set necessary marketing objectives as you chime in 2022, from shifting your focus to more affluent clients to maintaining cultural growth while working remotely. Following are the list of some trends in social media marketing to observe in 2022:

  • Creating A Corporate Culture 

In 2021, many digital marketers had premium retention and a laser-like focus on recognition. There never had such high attrition rates, but marketing platforms never had so many more distant personnel as they have this year. You must be very purposeful about your culture when you don’t have in-person interaction, primarily if you work remotely. Marketers spend a lot of time thinking about fostering a recognizer.



  • Getting Started In The “Commerceverse”

People have witnessed the continued growth in social and eCommerce this year and the emergence of a new “community commerce” culture. That mixes community, creators, purchasing, and entertainment like never before. As individuals migrate from leisure to purchase in 2022, social commerce will rise to the “commerce verse.” Marketers will have a way to bond with customers in a stereo sound manner as consumers strive to fill their surroundings with digital products and experiences.

  • Robust First-Party Data

Marketers are increasingly focusing on gathering first-party data, figuring out how to optimize the exchange process with customers, and activating at scale. This activation via ID solutions like Epsilon’s CORE ID is being advantageously deployed to the quickest increasing market segments, such as CTV and digital retail advertising, which will also profit from scaled identification solutions’ benefits in market selection and measurement.

  • Personalization At The Local Level 

We’re establishing a new working relationship between our headquarters and the marketing departments in our international locations. HQ will provide the technical infrastructure, data, compliance regulations, and frequency guardrails, allowing regional teams to manage and deploy portions of their emails. 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Marketers can build highly tailored and meaningful consumer experiences that boost sales with the correct data and composable content with (AI). These tools/platforms help marketing teams to focus on planning and optimization rather than monotonous and tactical tasks.

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