Tips to Protect Yourself From Cyber-Bullying

Are you a victim of cyberbullying? Do you witness bullying when you’re online? Bullying of any kind should not be condoned, primarily when it occurs online and is visible to everyone. Hence, it’s critical to safeguard yourself and others against cyberbullying.

We have gathered few beneficial tips to apply if you are one of the victims:

Cyberbullying Comes in a Variety of Forms

The following is a list of the several sorts of cyberbullying that one could encounter: 

  • Flaming: Online brawls, name-calling, and other related behavior 
  • Disparaging: Posts or statements that are directed at a specific person. 
  • Impersonation: Claiming to be someone other than yourself. 
  • Cyberstalking: Harassment and disparagement regularly.

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How to protect yourself from the given dilemma?

Avoid the bully

Do not reply to little mocking or name-calling.  Bullies are sometimes just looking for attention.

Please make a note of the evidence and keep it safe.

Cyberbullying is less challenging to perpetrate, and it is also less difficult to establish how you’re being bullied. Take a screenshot of any texts you receive from people.  

Make Contact with Someone

The important task is to speak with an official you trust as quickly as you discover an issue.

Go for the high-tech route.

If you’re being bullied on a website, the abuser is likely violating the site’s terms of service. Bullies who are reported to the network administrator may be banned from the site.

Do you realize the profound consequences that cyberbullying can have?

Cyberbullying, like traditional bullying, has real-world ramifications for both the bully and the victim. The following are a few examples:

Legal Outcomes: Someone who insults someone online may face legal repercussions. Although some states lack specific anti-cyberbullying legislation, a perpetrator can still be penalized under other laws.

Mental Health: Bullying puts teenagers at risk for depression, suicide ideation, and drug and alcohol abuse, as well as having an academic impact. 

Future repercussions: Everything you post on the internet can be tracked down used against you. Bullying someone online, for example, may affect future employment and educational possibilities.

Technology is a great platform to meet new folks and communicate with old ones. Unfortunately, the same source that keeps us linked may also be used to abuse others. As a result, society must confront the problem and safeguard itself.

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So are you being digitally abused, or have you seen anyone being a victim of it? If so, don’t forget to implement the given tips to protect your loved ones!


Tips to Protect Yourself From Cyber-Bullying

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