TikTok Shares Key Tips for Marketers in its 2023 ‘What’s Next’ Report

TikTok Shares Key Tips for Marketers in its 2023 ‘What’s Next’ Report: Now that 2022 is almost in the past, it’s time to think back. At TikTok, it entails considering the trends that have affected content this year and those that will have the most significant influence the following year.

Our most recent What’s Next research examines how various social and cultural attitudes are evolving and how these developments may affect how advertisers engage TikTok users in the next year.

Read on for a preview of some of the significant patterns discussed in the study, as well as first-person reflections from well-known TikTok founder and marketing guru Andrea Casanova (@latinapreneur). Andrea will outline the platform’s changes over the last year, and the considerations companies should make while preparing their forthcoming campaigns.

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A new age of confidence in 2023

The TikTok community at large has been reflecting on the last 12 months. Following societal standards like working in an office five days a week or getting married and starting a family by a specific age was not necessary for them once they survived quarantine. They discussed actual, individual tales about these developments. Communities came together as a result, and individuals learned fresh perspectives.

The platform will have a more significant impact in 2023, however. Because TikTok content is so relevant, users often act on what they see on their For You pages. It may be as simple as making a purchase or attempting a dish. The neighborhood will encourage others to improve their daily lives the next year as they gain increased confidence.

Due to the shifting economic landscape, health and environmental concerns, and stress, people will look for new avenues to success, pleasure, and well-being. TikTok will be a tool to aid in their search for it.

We forecast that three macro trend forces—actionable entertainment, creating space for pleasure, and community-based ideals—will change TikTok in 2023 based on worldwide research findings.

I. Engaging entertainment

The age of clickbait is over. People are tired of repetitive CTAs in deceptive thumbnails and films that begin with “wait until the end.” In 2023, marketers must provide viewers with more, which entails producing engaging videos that gain viewers’ trust.

The entertainment element of a video is what ultimately draws in viewers. TikTok advertisements are deemed attractive when they are amusing, unique, and inspire viewers. ¹ The platform’s success will depend on these creative components since the material that focuses on a selling point will have decreasing rewards.
But the key to building trust is determining who is presenting your brand’s narrative. Our consumers like reading information from relevant individuals. A TikTok creator’s work will seem more relevant and engaging to viewers if they share characteristics or interests with your audience. Additionally, people feel more connected to the subject matter and industry experts who provide insight and insider tips to their films.

Andrea Casanova is a well-known content producer focusing on marketing and career guidance. Her daily routine is influenced by the videos on her For You website, especially skincare. Additionally, she utilizes TikTok as a platform for entertainment and learning new tricks.

“I used to be one of those individuals who would take some bar soap, brush their faces with it, and call it a day. But now that I truly take the effort to nurture my skin, “Andrea said. Her favorite sources of inspiration were the outcomes and advice from other makers with similar skin. (Once again, relatability encourages trust.)

Creating practical, entertaining, and engaging commercials will benefit your business’s financial line and storytelling skills.

II. Creating room for pleasure

Another item that is about to disappear? Multiple to-do lists. People reevaluated their connections with their jobs, hobbies, and romantic partners after the epidemic, and many of them came to the same conclusion: they are burnt out. In 2023, they want to create a natural, meaningful place for themselves, and a big part of that will come from giving pleasure of all kinds the attention it deserves.

On TikTok, humor is a terrific method to uplift people’s spirits. Not to mention the ability it has to assist marketers in reaching their consumers; it allows people to engage with one another and convey tales. You may tap into what people find humorous and add a little humor by paying attention to audio trends in particular.
Additionally, marketers may advise consumers on how to treat themselves on any budget. Other trends provide ideas for minor extravagances, such as tricks for creating the ideal bath or instructions for making a nice cup of coffee at home. When companies use these areas of the platform, they enable consumers to create happy moments in their life.

By “providing a solution to an issue they’ve faced with for a long or emphasizing ways they may level-up in forms that are accessible to them,” Andrea added, brands could try to assist consumers. “TikTok users like understanding,”

TikTok’s positive messages encourage purchasing.
Joy is an element in people’s purchasing choices that is expanding globally. The average human seeks pleasure in even the most modest of ways. Brands may more effectively engage with audiences and foster success in 2023 by creating content that enables people to find their paths to pleasure.

III. Ideals created by the community

One-size-fits-all ideas are becoming obsolete as more individuals choose specialized and diverse lives. Users may connect rapidly over these new hobbies and priorities thanks to the TikTok communities, which are both technical and intensely relatable. They encourage others to change their lives and widen their perspectives.

A town hall gathering is different from what TikTok is. It has several private locations where individuals can follow their hobbies and live their lives. People will turn to peers and role models on TikTok who are already leading the life they wish to as they search for methods to challenge the existing quo.

“The kind of online interactions we feel comfortable having has been influenced by TikTok culture. This feeling of camaraderie, vulnerability, and transparency makes viewers feel less alone in their daily struggles, “Andrea said. While scrolling through their For You page, readers often think, “I’m not alone.”

This kind of interaction and research is made possible by various TikTok trends. For instance, people often utilize TikTok to discover solutions to specific issues and requirements, such as parenting assistance and relationship advice.
Marketers should focus on the particularity that makes TikTok communities unique in the next year. Speaking to #TiredMoms instead of all parents or #CozyGamers instead of all gamers will make your viewers feel more understood and accepted. Likewise, be bold and target layered identities. Additionally, once you comprehend these groups, you can strengthen the voices that characterize them and promote the open, sincere discussions that people value.

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TikTok Shares Key Tips for Marketers in its 2023 ‘What’s Next’ Report: Now that 2022 is almost in the past, it's time to think back.

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