Pros of Facebook Carousel Ads; Why are they better than plain image ads? 

In contrast to plain image ads, carousel ads consist of multiple images (usually from one to ten) and a video within a single ad. They help to better showcase your products in addition to enabling storytelling. As many as different features of a single product can be highlight and they are definitely worth it to put your brand up there!

The Pros
As far as Ads management of Facebook is concerned, carousel ads cost the same as lain image ads . But provide better audience engagement through attracting them with increased showcase and storytelling features. Carousel ads not only provide good engagement than plain ads but also includes a link, headline, or call to action (CTA). What’s more interesting is that on average, this new format of Facebook ads is driving 30%-50% lower cost per conversion.

A strong bond is create between you and your consumers through these carousel ads if you utilize this feature of Facebook correctly. With lower costs, the opportunity to target multiple personas. The ability to incorporate more information and images or videos into your ad, carousel ads offer more bang for your buck. It’s time that you take a look at your marketing goals. Also consider whether this type of ad could benefit your strategy.

Let’s talk about the best practices for using carousel ads
Following are some of the best practices that digital markers can take into account while creating their carousel ads. To increase their conversion rates as well as audience engagement.

  • While using images or videos for carousel ads, make sure they are cohesive and similar. Ratio 1:1 is most likely preferer for videos. 
  • Provide as many links as you can 
  • Don’t forget to reach out to your customers
  • Pair up your carousel ads with perfect landing pages
  • Your product set needs to be larger

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