Moz vs. Ubersuggest – Which is Better?

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Moz vs. Ubersuggest – Which is Better? It’s challenging to find the proper SEO solution for your specific demands. Implementing technologies like Moz Pro or Ubersuggest necessitates a lot of thought and examination of essential elements. You probably think which is better: Moz Pro or Ubersuggest.

Today, we’ll compare Moz and Ubersuggest to help you figure out which is the best option for you. The information below is based on accurate data from our community of users like you, providing a completely unbiased comparison. Moz is placed fourth in the “Best Keyword Research Tools 2022 Compared (Free & Paid),” whereas Ubersuggest is ranked seventh.

Moz is the clear winner, with a user/editor rating of 3.8/5 stars and one review, while Ubersuggest has a user/editor rating of 1.6/5 stars and three reviews. If there isn’t enough data for user rating, this data is derived in real-time from verified user reviews or editors’ ratings.

If you can’t decide between Moz and Ubersuggest after this comparison, we’ve added a few handy options, such as Ahrefs, based on community recommendations. Moz wins by 3.5 points in terms of value for money, and it is also rated as the easiest option to use.




Moz is a high-end SEO tool that helps increase the website’s visibility in search engines. The following are some of its essential features:

Link Explorer

The functionality of Link Explorer is nearly identical to that of its predecessor, Moz’s Open Site Explorer. It displays the link profile, which contains the domain authority, number of linking domains, incoming links, ranking keywords, and other data that can be downloaded.

Keyword Explorer

The keyword explorer tool delivers accurate search volume figures, new term ideas, and valuable data such as organic CTR.

Rank Tracker

This tool displays your total search visibility and the amount of tracked keywords that have improved or decreased in rank. Once a week, this feature is updated.

Moz Pro is an SEO program that includes all of the tools you may require to increase your SEO performance. You may boost your search engine ranks by using Moz Pro’s tailored keyword suggestions, which highlight the areas with the most potential. It also allows you to see how you rank for the relevant keywords, making more educated selections. Moz Pro also scans and audits your website to identify SEO issues and then assists you in resolving them. It also evaluates the content on your pages and makes recommendations for improving it to attract more visitors and improve your SEO performance.




Ubersuggest is a freemium all-in-one keyword research, article suggestion, and backlinks service. The following are some of its essential features:

Keyword Ideas

This tool generates keyword suggestions, related terms, questions, prepositions, and comparisons based on multiple searches. It also shows each phrase’s search traffic, CPC, and paid and organic difficulty.



Content Ideas

Ubersuggest shows a list of top-performing articles containing your target term in the title as part of this service. You can also view the expected traffic for each piece, as well as the number of backlinks and social engagement on Facebook and Pinterest.

Ubersuggest’s Content Ideas tool may help you develop exciting content subjects that your readers will adore; whether you’re writing for your website or another medium, you’ll need to be creative.


Ubersuggest provides a simple backlink generator that you can use to gather sites that link to your competitors.

The domain score, page score, link type, anchor text, and the first and last time a site was indexed are displayed on the results page. This tool is ideal for getting your link-building campaigns off the ground (or scaling them up).

Ubersuggest is a tool used for free online keyword research and helps customers find helpful information and keywords for their businesses. It uses common keyword words to determine the sites of competitors. Furthermore, customers can utilize Ubersuggest to maintain backlinks to boost and optimize their Google rankings with keywords. This tool includes top-ranked keyword fragments and thousands of keyboard recommendations that have been thoroughly evaluated to improve the traffic and scale of your company page. Users may find the competition, volume, and even seasonally trending terms with this free keyword tool. For its customers, this application generates a list of SEO-optimized keywords and generates SEO page reports that estimate the performance of the user’s business.

This information allows organizations to establish action plans, create content that people want to read, and manage page rankings and link profiles. Ubersuggest is an all-in-one solution for audits, competitive analysis, keyword tracking, and revenue management for SEO specialists, small and medium-sized businesses, and corporations.

What is the reason for using these tools?


Each tool has its own set of capabilities. When selecting an SEO tool, keep the following considerations in mind.


  • Moz is a vital SEO tool that allows marketers to understand their own and competitors’ SEO performance.
  • Furthermore, the platform has several additional marketing-related tools, such as an SEO audit feature and Fresh Web Explorer, a real-time brand mention tracking tool.
  • Moz is ideal for SEO and content marketers who want various tools to construct successful SEO and content strategies.


  • Ubersuggest is ideal for people and businesses searching for an all-in-one SEO solution that is primarily free and delivers a wealth of information to help them create a successful SEO strategy.
  • Compared to Moz and SEMrush, the platform has less functionality, but it has all of the critical elements you’ll need to construct effective SEO strategies.
  • Thanks to the tool’s user-friendly layout, even novices can traverse the site and interpret the data.

Which tool should you use?

Both platforms allow you to conduct in-depth keyword research. Each tool can generate keyword lists with meaningful analytics.

Moz and SEMrush rank first and second regarding the number of features accessible. The disadvantage is that many of its features are underutilized. Because most marketers and business owners only use a small portion of each tool’s functions, both might be intimidating. Furthermore, both devices are rather costly.

Meanwhile, Ubersuggest provides the essential functionalities that marketers and business owners require to create a successful SEO strategy despite having more minor features. It’s a no-fluff SEO tool that customers enjoy since it’s simple to use, packed with only the most vital parts, and most importantly, it’s free to use.

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Moz Vs UberSuggest

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