Meta Launches Music Revenue Sharing Program

Meta Launches Music Revenue Sharing Program, Enabling Creators to Add Licensed Music to their Content

Introducing a new Music Revenue Sharing programme will allow content creators to incorporate licenced music into their work and give music rights holders a share of any subsequent ad revenue. Meta hopes to assist creators in using a wider variety of music in their video clips while providing another revenue stream for musicians.

Meta Launches Music Revenue Sharing Program

The new service will only be available for videos that can run in-stream adverts (60 seconds or longer), allowing Meta to give music producers a direct cut of the money made from those pieces (or rights holders).

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“Since half of all Facebook time is spent watching videos, Music Revenue Sharing enables creators to access more mainstream music, strengthening ties to their audience and the music business. This service, which benefits creators, our partners, music rights holders, and fans, is the first of its type at this size and was made possible thanks to our connections with the music industry.

With severe restrictions on the kind of audio clips they may use without having their work de-monetized or destroyed, music rights have long been a source of frustration for content providers. This new procedure will thus be a welcome addition. However, it will be interesting to see how the music rights owners feel about the possibility of having their music associated with more contentious material.

According to Meta, all uploads in the programme will have to adhere to Facebook’s monetization policies, including its Community Standards and music guidelines elements. Moreover, only songs that have been specifically approved and are present in its Licensed Music library will be available.

Source – Facebook

Meta's looking to help creators use a wider variety of music in their video clips


To address commercial use, Meta has also introduced a new clause to its Music Guidelines: “It is against the law to utilize music for business or other non-personal purposes unless you have the necessary permits. Being eligible for and participating in Music Revenue Sharing does not create a video advertisement.”

There are thus some limitations to be aware of, and violations may still result in fines.

A 20% income split on all qualified videos will be given to creators who satisfy the requirements and follow the regulations, with a separate 20% part going to rights holders and Meta.

It may be beneficial, enabling additional creative possibilities and monetization opportunities.

The following criteria must be met in order to be eligible for Music Revenue Sharing:

  • The Facebook video should be published to a Facebook Page and last at least 60 seconds.
  • The licensed music cannot be the video’s main focus; there must be some visual element.
  • All tracks eligible for Music Revenue Sharing are included in the Licensed Music collection, from which the featured song must be.

According to Meta, the new Music Revenue Sharing scheme will roll out to US video makers starting today before becoming global in the months to come.

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Meta Launches Music Revenue Sharing Program, Enabling Creators to Add Licensed Music to their Content

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