Live Streaming As One of the Best Digital Marketing Trend

80% of the audience will watch a live video from a brand or a company rather than reading a blog

Live streaming for marketers is no longer a new trend. The Live streaming is changing the way brands or companies interact with their audiences. Live video streaming engages people in a quick and authentic way that the formats of other social media cannot. This can make a genuine connection with your audience and an authentic user connection, can make you position ahead of your competition towards other brands as well as it can increase organic reach. It can become a major reason for the fast selling of your products because your audience is well aware of your products and it can build trust between the brand and the buyers.


80% of the audience will watch a live streaming from a brand or a company rather than reading a blog. Get tuned into live streaming.


Live Streaming as a Low-Cost Strategy
Live streaming can reduce a lot of costs than hosting a live event. It is use by companies as a part of their training program to train new employees. When you host a live event consider the cost of travel, lodging, organic training programming, and security it can cost a brand a lot of money while hosting a live stream can save you a lot of money. A live stream has a strong potential to reach as many as millions of customers. It can be stream on different media platforms; for example, Instagram Live or Facebook Live features.

66% of marketers say social listening has increased in value for their organization over the past 12 months (Hootsuite, 2020) 

Audience Management
Live streams are different in how well the organizer of an event can handle the audience. Moderators can help the hosts in screening the best questions from the audience before they are ask. This creates the most productive Q&A sessions on any platform. Behavior of the audience in a live event is not controlled efficiently as they are controlled in live streams and webinars.



Mobile Streaming
Most of the potential users use smartphones and other smart devices, half of the video content is seen online through a mobile phone the odds are the majority of your viewers will tune in via mobile streaming. Most of the platforms will let you stream the content through HTML5 player as compared to old flash technology. The HTML5 is universal in the sense that it allows viewers to watch your live stream anytime anywhere they want.

Get tune into live streaming and sky-rocket your digital marketing now!
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