How to maintain your SEO rankings after you reach page #1

After a long struggle to achieve top positions on search engine results, and you have spent a lot of energy, time, and resources, it is time to maintain your work, which is another huddle altogether. Being at the top is suitable for your business and gives you access to 60% of all organic traffic on search engines. Therefore, it is vital to have strategies to help you remain relevant and at the top of Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) as an organization. Especially will technology trends being constantly on the move; you need always to be updated to maintain that coveted position?

Ways to maintain top SEO results

  1. Regular updates

The first important thing to do is always update your website and ensure that the user experience is continuously enhanced. Your website is the most important thing when marketing your business online since it plays a crucial role in converting prospects into customers. In addition, most top search engines like Google constantly assess how current your information is for it to remain at the top.

Upgrading your WordPress website is a regular maintenance task.

Upgrading your WordPress website is a regular maintenance task. 

  1. Enhance Loading Speed

Speed is always a factor in site ranking and user experience, especially for users who access your site using handheld devices. Statistics show that most searches come from mobile devices, which requires your website to load faster or risk users going to other sites. According to leading search engines, the minimum time for loading a location using a mobile device should be one second.

Here’s how a slow website loading report shows in GTmetrix.

Enhance speed of a website

  1. Optimize your SEO

SEO optimization should be a regular occurrence since there are constant updates that are continually being developed. You can also consult an expert and ensure that current trends do not leave behind your SEO. This can also be achieved by regularly building backlinks to your site as part of SEO optimization. See the recent SEO Checklist for 2021.

It is not enough being at the top of Search Engine Result Pages; a lot needs to be done to ensure your website remains at the top. It also increases your chances of accessing a substantial share of organic traffic.

They always say, and rightly so, that SEO is not a one-time game. You consistently have to play this game but at different speeds at different times.


How to maintain your SEO rankings after you reach page #1

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