Graphic Designing Techniques That You May Be Using Wrongly

Two major yet simplest graphic designing techniques that you are using wrongly

Graphic Designing is a serious work involving many features, such as researching the company’s business and representing its brand message. Graphic design can give you a lot of opportunities to nurture and grow your business. Any mistake in the design, such as a logo, business card, can damage the representation of a company. But a well thought of how to create such a design can turn the company and its business into a trustworthy brand and capture many audiences.

Using too many font styles is not attractive!

The first mistake an eye catches after looking at a beginner design vs. a professional design is the number of fonts used in a particular design. It’s hard to understand the message of a logo or a design if there are too many distracting fonts involved.

Graphic Designing Techniques That You May Be Using Wrongly

It can be fun to play with fonts to deliver different feelings and messages; a brand should pick two or more fonts maximum to make it look reasonable. Make sure you keep the size of the piece in mind when selecting the numbers of the font as well as the amount of the text; keeping this in mind can make a piece of design look more attractive. A small design piece can only support one font, while larger and complex designs need more creativity to be handled. Also, keep in mind to keep spaces between the letters can make a big difference. Adjusting the space between the letters can make the words more prominent, and it can overall help the appearance of the words.

 Don’t Forget to Proofread even if you are an expert!

Always make sure you check over the spelling and grammar of the piece before sending it to print or forwarding it to the email. It may not seem a major problem, but a single comma or a spelling mistake can, but there are plenty of people who will notice these mistakes and would ignore the rest of your work. For example, if you are distributing leaflets and people notice various spelling mistakes in the design of the leaflets, it will definitely backfire. Customers would not take these mistakes kindly and simply think of you as unprofessional, causing a great deal of trouble to your work.


Graphic Designing Techniques That You May Be Using Wrongly

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