Google Launches ‘Year in Search’ Overview for 2022

Year in Search is an annual tradition of reflecting on the events, people, and developments that piqued our interest over the previous year. People everywhere were curious about anything and everything, from the intricacies of world politics to the best methods for helping one another, to what was happening in pop culture.

The Google’ Year in Search’ summary for 2022 has been released, showing the year’s significant interests and trends based on Google Search data.

Google says:

How to become a fighter pilot owing to “Top Gun: Maverick” and how to study Minion, High Valyrian, and Klingon are just a few examples of the lasting cultural impressions made by works of popular culture. Wordle was the most popular search term worldwide because people got into the habit of trying to predict five-letter phrases daily. Most of us couldn’t stop humming the theme songs to our favorite television series, with Ali Sethi’s “Pasoori” topping the worldwide Hum to Search chart.

Google’s Year in Search microsite summarizes the year’s most popular search terms by subject area; you may expand each section to see the top 10 phrases, and you can click through to learn more about any trend based on data from Google Trends.

So, what were the most notable developments in America this past year?

The most popular search keyword was “Wordle,” as previously mentioned.

I don’t know how Google differentiates between individuals and general trends, but it’s noteworthy that the most popular ‘People’ searches don’t all include the same names.

As I said, it’s a fascinating recap of the past 12 months. It’ll provide you with a plethora of information for market research and identifying the themes that generate the most significant interest—which might inform your advertising campaigns in 2023.

At the Local Hub, you can read a summary of the most popular searches and topics by area, and you can also use a map to explore local trends from around the United States.

You may enhance this information with more detailed, specialty, and industry insights from Google Trends, but it takes much work to beat a yearly summary.

What are the most popular methods users currently employ when searching for a website?

You may run a search for them in Trends, make notes, and then use Google Search to compile your list of industry trends for the year.

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We are introducing a regional center this year that will feature exciting developments throughout the USA. While Year in Search demonstrates how much we have in common, it also highlights how each community is unique. For instance, “quilt stores” was only a top trending “near me” search in the Anchorage/Des Moines, Alaska, and Des Moines/Iowa regions. The top “near me” Searches in some areas were “dog parks,” while people were looking for ways to remain warm under a blanket in other places like Parkersburg, West Virginia. Although interest in “negroni sbagliato” was at an all-time high throughout the globe, the term was trending in just two U.S. cities: Grand Junction, Colorado, and Shreveport, Louisiana.

The Local Year in Search Hub, as seen in four images. From the homepage, the user may enter a metro area, view relevant trends, and then go to other places on the map.


Google’s revenue in 2020 amounted to $182.53 billion, with year-over-year growth of 13%. (Alphabet, 2021)


There are now more ways to search than just entering a box. Many people hum a tune, take a photo with Lens, or say “Hey Google” to their phones to get the information they want. For instance, Lens was mainly used to translate images and commerce-related styles. Top multi-search text queries included “what is this” and “how to mend” with “price,” “vintage,” and “near me.” Lens also aided in exploration by allowing users to put names to the things they saw. This year the domestic short-haired cat, tabby cat, and polydactyl cat were the most sought animals on Lens.

Additionally, the Assistant was assisting individuals throughout the globe in making their daily lives a little less complicated. From getting you up at 7 a.m. (the most requested time for an alarm) to making you laugh (with “tell me a joke” and “one more” among the most requested phrases), people want to be entertained.

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Year in Search is an annual tradition of reflecting on the events, people, and developments that piqued our interest over the previous year.

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