Extinct and Outdated Website Design Trends

Extinct and Outdated Website Design Trends that Website Developers Should Know!

As with anything in the past years, web design trends have changed. As we all keep updating our mobile phones with new technology, so does a website that needs to keep improving. In Website Design, appearances are the key. First impressions are everything on the internet; you only have few seconds to catch the user’s attention.

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Your website design and the website copy are the responsibility of your website design to catch the user’s attention to interact further with your site. Adobe reported that 38 % of people would stop engaging with a website if the content or the layout is unattractive. The appearance of your website is important to the performance of your marketing strategy. Following are outdated website design trends.

Stock Photos

As keen internet users, we cannot identify if a photo is authentic or from a stock website. While photos are not terrible assets for a website, your website should not be stuffed with them; instead, capture high-quality pictures of your products, services to use as a part of your website design.

Mobile-Friendly Website Designs

Back when smartphones were introduced, websites had to adjust their display to fit the small screen sizes of the smartphones. While these website designs were created for desktop users, they could also be viewed on phones and tablets. However, to properly view these websites, mobile users had to pinch, drag and scroll. To fix this responsive website design was created. In a short responsive website, designs react to the device’s screen size to access the website.

Hamburger Menus

Hamburger menus are perfect for mobile design. The problem arising nowadays is that many people are using Hamburger menus in their traditional website design. To find your menu, you actually have to click over Hamburger s Menu, which is quite frustrating  Hamburgers menus were invented for mobile phones because they have smaller screens.

Autoplay Video

Have you ever visited a website that automatically plays loud videos? This irritating function is used for ads on news websites. As you might have guessed, users don’t enjoy it. Google noticed users for such tactics and announced that chrome would make autoplay videos. If video is a large part of your marketing, give users the choice of whether or not to watch your video.

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Outdated Website Design

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