Email Marketing Shift; How is iOS 15 bringing this change?

Update on iOS with Email Marketing


Apart from focusing on privacy, user security, and data tracking, iOS 15 software has come with its launch of other features and ‘hide my email’ elements that will have a significant impact on email marketing. Back in June, Apple described the launch of some brand-new features. It would contain models of phones, iPods, watches, and Macs in its forthcoming.

This step has been done to provide a better user experience and privacy protection. For beginners, it will focus on retention marketing rather than email marketing. The user will ask if he wants his emails to protect or not. Whether email usage will make it to the next few years is not the point but what will take over emails in the coming decade. The chances are that the channel which takes over email has to produce yet, as it will probably be something new.

The change; Email Privacy Protection & Hide my Email

The good news is; unlike iOS 14.5, this update will not throw off media buyers. Email campaigns, including metrics such as purchases and website traffic, will not affect as much. At one point where email marketers see Apple’s new update as a significant threat, it can also be viewed as a plus for email marketing, making it practical, for the most part.


95% of companies using marketing automation are taking advantage of email marketing. (Regalix)

As far as mail privacy protection is concerned, marketers frequently purged inactive subscribers. Brought in with improving overall deliverability, this database cleansing is essential. Deployments with large percentages of passive recipients can end up in junk or spam folders because those mail sources thought to be invaluable by internet providers. This privacy update by Apple will eventually make throwing out inactive users difficult.

Hide my email feature will also against marketers as it will presumably cause deliverability issues, for the reasons that email is instantly delete by subscribers, resulting in increase bounces and thus concerns to ISPs, who could alter its deliverability.

The debate is still going on; whether Apple is causing trouble for marketers or just making it more effective? Let’s see what the change brings with it.


iOS 15 software has come with its launch of other features which are going to have a impact on email marketing.

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