Dealing with the rising cost of Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

The Pay Per Click Advertising strategy might be an effective solution to increasing traffic on your site and an efficient way of ensuring successful online campaigns. However, the drastic increase in cost has made business owners change their focus to increasing the Click Through Rate while lowering the Cost Per Click. It is vital to ensure you have a high keyword score on all your ads for search engines to consider them as relevant to users. The rising cost of Pay Per Click requires some understanding and can be managed with smart configuration.

Amazon’s Emergence into Paid Advertising paves the way towards the significance of PPC in the eCommerce space. Most businesses opt for a pay-per-click solution as a short-run solution for lead generation and business growth. Unfortunately, the high cost involved with this strategy makes most business owners skeptical, forcing them to switch to ad text. However, some proven PPC practices can help you reduce loss of money, resulting in the premature withdrawal of your campaign.

Switch to Manual Bidding

The importance of switching to manual bidding is to help you see the need to adjust your bid, which translates to lower the Cost Per Click. Most people starting are advised to use tools such as Google, which recommends the best solution. However, once you are familiar with the terrain and your ad is relevant to the campaign, it is time to switch to manual bidding.

Though automated solutions save time, an underperforming ad can only be improved manually. Therefore, it is vital to make an informed assessment before switching to ensure your Click Through Rate for your Pay Per Click.

Use Remarketing and Segmented Lists

With automated tools such as Google AdWords, your site can get target-specific traffic, leads and increase sales. Constant traffic on your site ensures that you can strategize on conversion solutions to turn visitors into prospects and clients. Statistics show that at least 2% of directed traffic is converted during their first visit to your website.

You can re-engage this group of users who never returned through remarketing after clicking on your ad but never subscribed. In addition, you can use segmented lists to remarket your ads to previous prospects, saving you time and money that could have been used to design new ads, lower your CPA, and increase your sales.

Build Campaigns Based on Search Networks

Targeting search users only might be the best solution for your business, depending on your organization’s conversion goals and nature. However, avoiding clicks on your ads that do not translate to leads, it is advisable to design campaigns via search networks.

This is an excellent way of increasing the cost of your ads which ultimately increases the Cost Per Click. It can also redirect generic users to your website. Before switching, you should address whether your ads have been performing well on other sites and if not, then it is time to switch.

Adjust Bids Based on Device, Day, Location, and Time

To lower CPC and increase clicks on your landing page, adjust bids according to time, day, location, and the device is the best solution. Tracking everything is an effective way of ensuring that you lower the Cost Per Click and increase the number of viewers for your ad. Therefore, it is vital to adjust your keyword bids based on the time, device, location, and day.

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rising cost of Pay Per Click

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