As 5 Paid Search and PPC Planning Best Practices

It’s significant to regularly revisit your paid search strategy to improve campaign performance. Reviewing best practices for PPC planning is a great way to keep up with trends and improve performance.
Reviewing newly launched features in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads
There are new things now to put light on such as to optimize the audience and to add new ad extensions. Microsoft ads released video extensions that appear next to an ad as a thumbnail and when clicked it expands into a full video. As well as video extensions Microsoft released a new responsive ad format in Microsoft ads known as Multimedia Ads. It combines advertisers’ creative ad assets like images, headlines, and descriptions using machine learning to create engaging, attention-grabbing ads.

65% of consumers click on PPC ads.

Testing New Apps and Platforms for PPC planning
There are always new platforms that’s waiting for you to check and test them so you get out of your comfort zone. Following are the examples of platforms which you can test.

  • LinkedIn: If you are a working professional and want to target your audience for business or hiring purpose, this platform is best for you.
  • Pinterest: if you want a female audience to market and showcase your products, Pinterest is the right platform for you.

Learn To Use Scripts for PPC planning
If scripts are added to PPC manager’s accounts, they are able to automate a repetitive task in their Google Ads accounts. Navigating through the world of scripts can seem overwhelming, but a good place to start is a post here on Search Engine Journal providing use cases and resources. If they want to work by using scripts. If you are wondering that you must master computer applications (for learning to use scripts). Then you are wrong the internet has resources that can help you get started up with scripts; it doesn’t require a lot of hard work.
By visiting Paid Search Association, you will get to know how PPC managers are linking and connecting with each other to share ideas. Keep checking e-books and online experts for tips.
Voice Search Preparation
Not everyone gets a lot of voice searches as many advertisers are struggling with it. It seems like voice search popularity hasn’t been rising rapidly. But it is still important to keep abreast of the trends. What you must do is to respond to information voice and filter out inappropriate searches. Also creating a campaign on relevant searches.

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