Adding Video Extensions in your Microsoft Ad; Insider a Step-by-Step Guide

Video extensions on Microsoft Ads are officially launch. We must make our best move to include  video extensions  in our Microsoft Ads and express our brand’s identity!  

This year earlier, Microsoft announced to its audience that they will officially be including the option to add video extensions in their Ads, being available on the desktop to the advertisers throughout the world. Only available for the US at the moment, the mobile format will be install to other locations, expected in the future, they say. Video extensions being an interactive and versatile way to showcase your products and services cover a comparatively richer experience than simple plain images.

Microsoft’s new technology allows marketers to combine video with other valuable ad extensions. Videos submitted for Video Extensions may now be added to the Video Library using this new integrated ad solution option. Users may utilize them to access Microsoft Audience Network Video Ad resources.
Video Extensions are a fun way to show off your goods, services, and brand messaging. They can highlight particular offers, emotions, ambiance, culture, and activity. When combined with other extensions, Video Extensions provide a richer experience that stands out more than simply photos and text.
Anyone who works in advertising understands that dynamic, graphic commercials are the best way to get people’s attention. Advertisers seeking new methods to stand out and engage their target audience make their commercials even more engaging. Integrated advertising solutions are now more vital than ever.

Step by Step Guide
Let’s take a deeper look into how to get these extensions in your Ad to make it more engaging.
  • The extensions will be create in Microsoft Ads UI. for navigating those Ads, you need to go to left-side navigation and further select the extensions option from sub-navigation.
  • After clicking that, you need to select the option of video extensions using the drop-down option. 
  • After this, you need to select the Add extension button.
  • In case of no previous existence of video extensions, you will get the option to browse new video extensions in the future through two boxes. Add new video extension option will appear below.
  • Finally, you have to add a video either by link or by uploading it. This option will comes with a set of other requirements to be fill such as name, thumbnail, display text, action text for CTA button and URLs, etc. 



Did you know that:

Posts with videos earn more backlinks and see a 157% boost in search traffic (Search Engine People)


Video extension requirements

Apart from this, there are some requirements of the video you will use as an extension. Here’s what you should keep in mind while adding your extension.

Length: 6 to 120 seconds
Format: MPEG-2, MP4, or MOV
Ratio: 6:9 to 9:16, or a 1:1
Resolution: required is 120×120 but recommended best is 720×720
File size: Less than 10 GB

Other practices to make your Microsoft Ads better
Associating your video extensions with Ad groups or campaigns, giving your video extension a description of minimum 82 characters. Making your video’s content distinct and unique. Using captions on the video will accelerate your Ads engagement with the audience and promote your brand. 


Video extensions on Microsoft Ads are officially launched and we must move to include them in our Ads and express our brand's identity!

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