A Complete Guide for Pinterest Marketing 2022

Do you want to learn how to use Pinterest to promote yourself and your business?


This post will show you how to establish a following, optimize your pins and boards, monitor the return on your actions, and promote your pins with paid advertising by best Pinterest marketing, even if you’re marketing on Pinterest like an individual or as a brand.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is like a social media platform where users can discover, share, and save visually inspiring sound or entertaining material.

Users organize their favorite content by pinning it to boards with a shared theme, allowing other users to discover new content connected to their interests.


best pinterest marketing guide

What is Pinterest marketing?

Pinterest marketing is a form of strategy that include Pinterest in your company’s more prominent social media marketing plan to attract new consumers and increase brand exposure.

According to Pinterest Business, social media marketers use the platform to

  • Reach a new audience and expand an online presence
  • Increase traffic to a company’s website or online store
  • Encourage conversions such as newsletter sign-ups, ticket sales, and purchases.

To put it another way, using Pinterest for business can help your brand reach many people while also generating revenue or making money.

Having a Pinterest strategic plan will assist you in achieving your goals and objectives. Are you sure you have those on the place? Here are some marketing suggestions and strategies for using Pinterest:

1. Develop a Pinterest marketing plan


Start by sketching up a social media plan for Pinterest, just like you would for any other social media channel. Don’t just jump in.

Creating a Pinterest marketing plan entails the following:

  • You are setting SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound). In addition to building a Pinterest following, do you anticipate that the platform will drive visitors to your website, enhance sales for a specific product, or increase event sign-ups?
  • We are learning more about the Pinterest audience and the most likely demographics to use the platform.
  • Find out who your brand’s Pinterest target audience is.
  • Take an idea about your competitors and what they are doing on this social networking site.
  • You create on-brand material for Pinterest and put it into your social media content calendar.

You can start working toward your objectives once you have established a clear strategy.

2. Engaging Pin, fascinating Content


Because Pinterest is a powerful platform, using it for business is very effective create high-quality, engaging, captivating content to share.

So, what makes a Pin attractive?

Vertical imagery: Imagery oriented vertically. According to statistics, 82 percent of Pinterest users use their mobile devices to access the site. To avoid uncomfortably cropped photographs, aim for a 2:3 aspect ratio.


best pinterest marketing


Image and video quality:  If you wish to avoid pixelation, use the Pinterest-recommended highest-quality image and video.

Descriptive Copy:  Good descriptions can aid SEO, provide context for photos, and encourage visitors to click on links.

Text Overlay: For overlay of text, Considers using a headline that complements your visual statement.

The tasteful branding: Integrate your logo in your Pins if it makes sense for your business and connects to your Pinterest marketing plan, so your brand doesn’t get lost in the Repin shuffle.

Make sure your links are working: Your brand will suffer if you have broken links. To provide Pinners with the best user experience, make sure the connection with your Pin doesn’t go to a 404 and loads promptly.

Finally, maintain consistency! Creating a board and filling it up all at once is ineffective. Consistent, everyday pinning is more beneficial. Additionally, pinning regularly guarantees that your content reaches a larger audience.

3. Create fresh and different pins Formats


We’ve known that new pins are essential for a successful Pinterest marketing strategy for a long time. What does this represent for the year 2022? It entails taking things a step further. Increase the frequency with which you switch out your pins. Use new photos, titles, and designs to keep things as fresh as possible.

You may also use hyper-focused keywords to pin different images from the blog post to give a new depth of content to your feed. For example, if you post with affiliate links, you should pin the various products in the position and link back to the blog article.


A Complete Guide for Pinterest Marketing 2022


Different types of Pins:

Pins are vertical graphics that direct people to a specific URL when clicked. Pins come in a variety of shapes and sizes:

1. Static image

As the name implies, this is a static picture that has a post with the intention of redirecting users to a custom URL whenever they return to the “close up” landing page.

 2. Video

Video pins are a newer Pinterest feature that is a vertically oriented video that plays without sound and functions similarly to a static image.

3. Product Pin

Product pins allow you to include merchant information like Product Name and Price in a pin. Linking your company’s Pinterest account to an e-commerce platform is required.

4. Promoted Pin

When clicked, these pins are sponsored and transport the user directly to the desired URL, bypassing the “close up” landing page that all other pins have.

5. Use a story Pin

Like Instagram Stories, story pins are a new method to share multi-media pieces of content with your Pinterest audience. Users can tap through to view photographs and movies stitched together with superimposed text. Users can respond with favorable comments at the end of the story, such as “Wow” or “Love.”

4. Plan your boards

Pins are saved, collected, and organized on boards. To show to others make it easier to browse your profile or explore your ideas, use boards to manage your business’s Pins. Create new boards from your profile or while creating a unique Pin.

Because 97 percent of Pinterest searches are unbranded, your company’s boards can help you connect with new Pinners interested in specific topics or acquiring new skills.

Oreo’s boards, for example, include Pins with holiday inspiration, such as its Spooky Sweet Halloween board and Holidays with Oreo board, as well as recipe ideas, such as its Oreo Cupcakes and Oreo Cookie Balls board.

5. Leverage keywords

You’ll appear organically in users’ feeds and search more if you use keywords throughout your profile, posts, Pins, and boards. Pinterest’s keywords and phrases are relevant to the niches explored by users.

For example, if you sell luggage, you may use keywords and phrases like “vacation” and “going on a trip” in your profile and Pins. When a person searches for one of those terms, your profile and photographs of your bags will show up in their feeds.

Here are some places on Pinterest where you may insert keywords to boost your chances of ranking organically through search:

  • Biographical information and a profile
  • Pin Descriptions
  • Titles of the boards
  • Descriptions of the boards
  • Image-Alt-Text

If you decide to pay for Pinterest advertisements, you can also use the platform’s “keyword targeting tool” to help you reach your target demographic with your ads.

6. Use the Pinterest Trends Tool

Create the Pinterest Trends tool, and it’s a terrific way to examine the top keywords for various searches and generate content ideas. It’s a great tool, similar to Google Trends, for figuring out which potential audience is interested in which kind of thing. Use it to find out how many people are searching for a particular phrase at different times of the year, compare the popularity of terms, and see what’s trending on Pinterest right now.

To stay on top of search queries, use this tool to refresh your keyword list and find new terms. Blog post images, which highlight the articles you publish on your website, are another wonderful pin kind. Make sure these vertical visuals are well-designed and stick out in someone’s feed.

7. Try Different Pinterest Ads

Ads are another excellent strategy to promote your business on Pinterest. Advertisers can target advertising based on keywords, interests, geography, age, and other metrics and categories on Pinterest.

Static Ads:

  • A static ad is a single featured picture of up to 20 MB in size and used as a png or jpeg file.
  • Pinterest recommends a 2:3 aspect ratio (1000 x 1500 pixels) and advises that images will chop images with a higher aspect ratio in Pinners’ feeds.

Video Ads:

  • A standard width video Pin ad size is the same as a regular Pin.
  • The full-width video ad on Pinterest spans the entire screen of a mobile user. Only as a sponsored advertisement is this format available.
  • Both allow the following file types: mp4, mov, and m4v, with a maximum file size of 2 GB.
  • The length of a Pinterest video ad might range from 4 seconds to 15 minutes.



Carousel Ads:

  • People can swipe through many images in this way.
  • Each Carousel can include up to 5.png or.jpeg images, with a maximum file size of 32 MB per image.
  • The aspect ratio for these photos should be 1:1 or 2:3.

Shopping Ads:

  • Shopping ads show only one main image at a time and allow users to buy items they see on Pinterest. The same rules apply to shopping ads to static Pins and ads.
  • Shopping ads show only one image at a time and allow users to buy items they see on Pinterest. The same rules apply to shopping ads to static pins and ads.

8. Promote your Pinterest profile


  • Promote your Pinterest account by doing the following:
  • By adding a link to your Pinterest profile on your company’s website.
  • Adding a link to your email signature is the best idea.
  • You use your company’s other social media channels to promote your Pinterest business account.
  • In a company newsletter, announce the new Pinterest profile. Finally, let your other platforms’ committed followers know you’re also active on Pinterest.



Almost 300 million people use Pinterest to find new ideas and goods every month. Pinners are noted for planning ahead of time and spending more. To make purchasing decisions, 90% of weekly pinners use Pinterest.

On Pinterest, storytelling is essential because it transmits emotions and fosters empathy. Pinterest marketing has a vital emotional component; therefore, it’s best for firms prepared to convey a story. When you make a Pinterest board, you’re not only trying to show off your goods; you’re also trying to tell a story and express your company values.

Furthermore, 98 percent of Pinterest users have been attempting something they saw on the site, and 83% have made purchases based on-brand content. Emotions and empathy will also aid in the sale. You can quickly bring them into your sales funnel if your brand can reach them early.


A Complete Guide for Pinterest Marketing 2022

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