6 Important Social Media & Influencer Trends of 2023

Are you preparing your 2023 social media strategy and seeking to comprehend the significant trends you must adopt and monitor? The Most Important Social Media & Influencer Trends in 2023 are already the topic of several discussions. We’ve compiled and summarised the most fascinating and talked-about forecasts in one post to make it simple.

Use these anticipated social media trends to inform your plan for the following year. Of course, it’s crucial to remember that not all six trends for 2023 will be ideal for your company. So consider your business messaging, audience, and social media objectives before experimenting to discover what works for you.

Top 6 Social Media & Influencer Trends in 2023 


Trend 1: Brand accountability, openness, and sincerity

Social responsibility and brand authenticity are topics that have long been discussed. Brands are under increasing pressure to demonstrate how they contribute to society and whose ideology they support.

According to Talkwalker, Marketing Interactive, Media toolkit, and Finances Online, clients want complete authenticity and transparency in 2023. Additionally, they point out that many consumers think businesses must take the lead in tackling social, environmental, and political concerns. Meanwhile, the public will react negatively to fake news and greenwashing.

Brands will consequently need to put more effort into building their social media persona around ethical behaviour. And a rising social media trend in 2023 will be for businesses to publicly state whatever moral principles and conduct they see as appropriate.

A notable example of a company that tackles global challenges is Ben & Jerry’s. It often shares information about its ethical efforts and environmental activities on social media. But they also raise awareness and make a statement on cultural and political concerns, such as racism, women’s rights, and the police.

Advice for navigating this social media craze: Briefly describe your company’s actions to adopt more ethical business practices, but refrain from making untrue or inflated statements.

Include details on the manufacturing process for your goods, how your business supports a sustainability initiative, or how you treat your staff. Also, feel free to voice your opinion on important topics concerning your audience. Customers will value your use of social media to highlight issues close to their hearts.

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Trend 2: Initial exploration of the metaverse

On social media, PR Daily, Forbes, and Talkwalker predict that in 2023, the metaverse will be more understood and incorporated into how we use social media daily. Consumers are experimenting with making and utilizing avatars, there is an emphasis on VR, AR, virtual storefronts, and NFTs, and there is a format war between several metaverses.

Then, consider how your company may make a few preliminary moves, including incorporating augmented reality into your social media campaign. Another incentive to get started is that, according to Shopify, AR and 3D product content has a 94% greater conversion rate than standard product content.

Trend 3: social media multisensory

Users of social media may benefit from fresh and more exciting experiences. Talkwalker predicts that in 2023, multisensory social media will be popular. Multisensory media combines several forms, including audio, video, text, and even immersive settings.

Of course, Meta is also making significant investments in the metaverse. For instance, Instagram introduced the capability to include music with still photographs. In the US, Twitter established a podcast page.

Tips for navigating this trend in 2023: Even on a smaller scale, editing your material to incorporate audio, polls, GIFs, music, subtitles, and more is a terrific way to promote the idea of multisensory social networking. 

Trend 4: Super applications

The multisensory trend is perfectly aligned with super applications, another top social media trend for 2023 identified by Marketing Interactive and Gartner. Excellent applications, like one WeChat, now integrate various services, including chat, video, entertainment, commerce, and payment. Thanks to this, users benefit from more engaging experiences and the simplicity of satisfying many demands on a single platform.

TikTok, for instance, has been adding features that precisely replicate those of other social networking applications. These features range from a BeReal clone to carousels, tales, and lengthier videos. It is even attempting to enter the offline world. With the addition of community tools and pricing options in certain places, Meta has been transforming WhatsApp into an app that extends beyond one-on-one chat. Elon Musk said buying Twitter will “accelerate the creation of X, the everything app.”

How to tackle this social media trend for 2023: Utilize all elements that may provide your fans with a more accessible, all-inclusive experience on your preferred social media networks.

Trend 5: Social media for customer service

According to Media toolkit, Hootsuite, and Convince & Convert, in 2023, more companies will include a customer care component in their social media plans. This entails utilizing social media as a direct connection channel with clients to respond to inquiries, grievances, and requests as soon as possible. It may also include promptly answering clients who reference your brand.

Why should customer service be a part of social media management?

It makes things simpler for your clients. Providing help on social media channels, where most clients are already active, is a terrific approach to enhancing customer service.

Some social media platforms provide functionality that is immediately accessible to streamline your customer service management and speed up response times. For instance, Facebook provides tools like chatbots, an automatic inbox, and typical answers.

It assists in building your brand. Public reactions reveal companies accepting responsibility, which fosters openness and confidence (which ties in well with the first social media trend above). While paying attention to social media, customer service requests might harm your business.

Tips for navigating this trend in 2023: You may currently take the following measures to include customer service in your social media strategy:

  • Your social media managers should get customer service training.
  • Make your social media DMs accessible so visitors can quickly ask inquiries and provide feedback.
  • Consider creating unique, specialized channels for client service on social media. 
  • Publicly provide customer service. 
  • Remember brand references and proactively enter talks about your goods and services (even if you are not tagged). 

Trend 6: TikTok and short-form videos

We can’t discuss social media developments without mentioning TikTok and short video content.

According to Forbes, HubSpot, Media toolkit, and PR Daily, short-form videos will either remain or, more likely, increase in importance in 2023. Even according to HubSpot, short-form videos will have the most increase in 2023. This marketing style has the most significant ROI, follows its statistics, and is the most productive.

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In contrast, Hootsuite predicts that TikTok will overtake Instagram as the most popular social media platform in 2023.

Advice for navigating this social media craze: In 2023, keep putting video first. Ensure you are present on the most widely used social media sites for short-form videos, such as Instagram (Reels), TikTok, or YouTube (Shorts) – whether through operating your brand channel or collaborating with influencers.

Be careful to include these Social Media & Influencer Trends in your 2023  strategy, as many social media sites try making video captions the default choice.


6 of the Most Important Social Media & Influencer Trends in 2023

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