5 LinkedIn features that are a must-use in 2021

You’d be making a fool out of yourself if you are not using these super-great features of LinkedIn.

Having around 772 million users worldwide, LinkedIn has been the source of the professional setting for entrepreneurs, marketers, and business people alike. What separates LinkedIn from other social media platforms is its uniquely organic reach. Let us look at some brand new LinkedIn features that everyone must utilize in this business marketing domain.

  1. Marketing Lab launched

Launched for the cause of putting LinkedIn ads to best use by the marketers, LinkedIn has launched its own marketing lab. Staying in the lab would help marketers to use the platforms’ tools more efficiently. Marketers are now able to narrow down their goals and proceed toward them smartly.

  1. Increased User Control

Now LinkedIn users will be able to control who can view and comment on their individual posts. Posts visibility has been made more customized to provide strong user control. This also concerns privacy and protection issues which can be mitigated using this user control feature.

  1. Featured Section Introduced

Now business people would be able to link a video or a hyperlink to their website for the showcase of their company in a new featured section introduced by LinkedIn last year. Video links, pictures, document links, anything can be added to attract more consumers and investors.

  1. Increased Usage Insights

Among new usage insights, the number of live streams has increased by 89% by 2020. Having 2.9 million groups by the current year, this organic platform gives more chances of networking and connection. LinkedIn gives space for over a billion conversations to happen monthly.

  1. Events and Polls introduced.

For every marketer, engagement to its audience is one the most crucial keys to success. More engagement means more profit. Now you can create a poll using a new feature introduced by LinkedIn to learn more about its followers. Moreover, events can be made and showcased on the profile publically or privately.


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