2022 Best Advertisement Campaign

2022 Best Advertisement Campaign – Marketing is a complex undertaking requiring creative thinking and growth to get into people’s heads. To make your marketing campaign the best advertising campaign in 2022, however, you should draw inspiration from the most excellent ad campaigns in 2022 that have already been produced or from the previous year’s top campaigns.


(eMarketer, 2020)


A few of the marketing advertisements from 2021 were tremendous examples of a dynamic shift in marketing. Now is an excellent time to learn from it and prepare for your 2022 campaign because it will help you secure the market.

The examples of marketing campaigns that were started in 201 are listed below. These campaigns will help you take inspiration and make better campaigns for your business in 2022.

There are select initiatives that take the spotlight right after they debut, despite many corporations working hard to make their campaigns attractive.

best campaign from clorex

  1. Clorox

Clorox released a video ad in 2021 that demonstrated how its products are used and helpful in fixing sanitary difficulties and how it can overcome the primary problems that can arise during a pandemic. While the woman is looking for material to not miss her family supper, the film illustrates the usage of goods for cleaning soiled sports. The video eventually comes to a satisfying conclusion with the family eating dinner.

The ads demonstrate how crucial it is to show how to use a product while appealing to customers’ emotions and presenting it so that they comprehend its value.

Progressive campaign goes viral

  1. Progressive Insurance

The company aims to persuade clients to get insurance with just a few words in this campaign.


The ad supports simplicity, as companies cannot simply overvalue the commercial and must instead stick to what the product is all about and educate buyers on it, rather than adding more species and causing it to become overwhelming. Sometimes the greatest approach to reflect your brand’s identity is to keep things simple.

Applebees- Fancy Like

  1. Applebees- Fancy Like Advertisement Campaign

When the Walker Hayes song “Fancy Like” was released, one corporation noticed and devised a strategy to incorporate their brand’s name, “Applebees,” into the song. The marketing team came up with the concept of using a TikTok user’s video of them dancing to the song “Fancy Like.” The company was able to vary up the song and dance and use it to make people smile as a result of this.

This demonstrates that few advertisements can effectively target customers’ emotions and excitement while increasing brand awareness.

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2022 Best Advertisement Campaign

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